What's Included?

Your monthly £45 includes : Personal ongoing support from Julia. 3 x weekly live online classes : Access to all levels in the on-demand library: Step, Connect, Flow

Are you a complete novice or pretty new to Pilates? Join us in STEP to get yourself comfortable with the 7 principles you’ll apply to all of your PhysioPilates movements. Have fun learning about the positions you can move into, hold, and move out of as you work to understand the limitations and potential of your own unique body. Focus on how simple movements can have compound effects on your health and wellbeing.
PhysioPilates | Step
Do you already know your way around a Pilates session? Join us in CONNECT to bring together your mind with your body as you really tune in with your practice. Enjoy learning about the links between the principles of Pilates and the benefits on your body as you master your movement. Dedicate time to learning basic sequences in your practice and using them to really ‘get to grips’ with the concepts of stability, balance and support.
PhysioPilates | Connect
Are you ready to see where your love and accomplishment of Pilates can take you next? Join us in FLOW as we move with ease through positions and sequences to really enjoy our movements. Take joy in feeling real mental and physical strength at a much deeper level than you’ve ever experienced before. Zone in on the full release of tension and capacity of your core to support your body in walking tall and moving with grace.
PhysioPilates | Flow